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Every year my Mom askes me to come and visit for either Thanksgiving or for Christmas. And every year I find some reason not to go. It is not that I don't love both my parents, it is just that i have been away for so long I find it hard to spend much time. Everyone that I knew in High School has either moved, married or died. This year I gave in and desided to go see my parents for Thanksgiving. I will be flying form Wichita to Detroit on Thursday (Thanksgiving day) and returning on Saturday. Long enough that I will have a nice visit but not so long that I will go stark raving mad (or should I say, more stark raving mad). Since the flight on Trusday is in the evening, Rex told me last night that we are having Thanksgiving at our house. yay :-| such excitment I cannot stand it.....
The Flight over is not bad, leaves ICT at 4:30p and arrives in DTW at 9:33p with a 46 min plane change. It is the returning flight that is going to be long. It leaves Detroit at 3:12p and arrives in Wichtia at 8:54p with a 3 hour plane change in Memphis. Hopefully I can find someone (I mean something) to occupy my time......
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