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The weekend was started off pretty good.

Friday (金), got home from work and put the last finishing touches on the blue/gray kilt that I have been working on for a couple of weeks. It was the grand opening of the new OtherSide. It was also mens' night for LAW. Great chance to wear the new kilt and it will be easier on the new tat.
The new OtherSide was PACKED. I am sure that I saw a few people who would have never been caught dead in the old OtherSide. The Wichita Mens Chorus was doing a joint concert with the KC Mens chorus and so there were a bunch of guys in from KC.

Saturday (土), was shot in the paycheck. I got a little overtime at the tag office. We are in the process of upgrading the workstations to make them more "ergonomic" feh. I am retrofitting the workstations with new keyboard/mouse trays.

Started at 11:00 and got 3 done by 17:00. It takes me about 2 hours to do one station. I have a total of 18 stations to retrofit. Including this last weekend I have completed 9. After I got home from overtime, I was going to go out and see the Saturday crowd at the new OtherSide. Nah, I decided to watch a movie from NetFlix and make it an early night. The movie was "Night Watch" (Ночной дозор). Part 1 of a Russian vampyre trilogy. I LOVE foreign films! The DVD was dual sided with the English dubbed version on side 1 and the original Russian (Eng subs) on the side 2. The 2nd in the trilogy, "Day Watch" (Дневной дозор)should show up any day now. The 3rd in the trilogy, "Dusk Watch" (Сумеречный дозор) is still in production.

Sunday (日), met up with Steve and Ty. Steve wanted to show me a collar that he had seen at the flea market. Since he know that I do leather work he is hoping that I can make it for him at a considerable cost reduction. It was a well done piece of work. I would do some improvements on it. It was being sold as a mastiff collar, but designed like a human collar (d-ring on the opposite side of the buckle). After the flea market, back to the house for fish sticks and mac&cheese. I ended the night with a movie from NetFlix on-line. This time it was a movie called "The Man from Earth". A interesting challenge of the faithful. What if a caveman had survived 14,000 years and was living among us? What would you think?
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