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Feed the Bears

Being as last night was the 15th of the month, it was Feed the Bears! Last night was a lot of fun. We all met at DeFazio's but they have changed their hours/days, they are only open Wed-Sun. After standing around in the parking lot for about 15-20 we decided on El Cortez.
It was close enough that no one would get lost and the food is not bad for Mexican. It was a good size crowd. Going around the table (clockwise from me) there was JT, Guy, Brian (hiding), Steve, Ken, Dean, Wrecks, Jeremy (blockade_boy). I hope we did not scare Jeremy away. He seems like a nice guy. The Wichita, is not really that small of a community but it is a very fragmented community and therefore it seems small.

After dinner and a bunch of fun conversation, Wrecks and I went back to the house. I really need to start making lists for myself. At dinner I thought of things that need to be done and I have put off. I am such an ピーマン sometimes. I went down into the basement and decided to watch RENT while I worked on Guys shoes that he needed for a show tonight at 1507. I have not seen RENT up to this point I really had no idea what to expect. I have to say that I liked it, a lot! But I don't know that I will be able to actually watch it again. It had wonderful music and the story is great. I liked the characters, but it was very painful to watch. Just thinking of it now it brings tears to my eyes.
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