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Dinner and a Movie

Wednesday is out "night out" night. So, after work we went down to "Fat Ernie's". Every night of the week Ernie has an all-you-can-eat special. On Wednesday it is Chicken (Yard Bird). Wrecks had been to the dentist so he was in the mood for "soft" food. I had the special and Wrecks had the meatloaf.
After getting back to the house, I sat down at the computer to watch 2 movies that I had borrowed from Brian and Scotty. I had not heard of them before and the covers looked pretty good.
The first was Gabriel your classic good(light) vs. evil(dark) Angel story.
This one is for the dominance the Earth. It was going along fine until we met Raphael played by Jack Campbell, WOOF! He had a very short part and was killed only 15min or so after introducing him to us. What a shame. It was a very dark movie, but somewhat entertaining.
After Gabriel, I was a watched a much less adult version of Light vs. dark in The Seeker:The Dark is Rising. It ran like a typical kids fantasy movie. Middle kid that is overlooked finds out that he is the "chosen" one and goes on to same the world from the forces of evil. I liked that it had Christopher Eccleston from Dr. Who and Heros as the Dark Rider. The movie became much more interesting to watch when we met Dawson played by James Cosmo. A burly Scottish bear there to help protect the Chosen one.
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