kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Biking to work.

I spent a few hours yesterday get my bicycle cleaned up and in shape so that I can start riding to work. Work is only 3.3 miles away and it is great exercise. The weather is nice in the mornings and I can take is slow on the way home.
So, I washed it, took the wheels off and checked the inner tubes. One had a hole, so it had to be replaced. I bought a basket for the front to replace the milk crate I had there. Oiled the chain and aired up the tires. I give it a quick ride up an down the driveway and parked in the garage.

I just realized that I cannot ride my bike to work tomorrow because I have PC and Monitor in the back of the van that I replace when I was working at the Derby office on Friday.

Hey, those are old State of KS owned computers and we are not going to use them. They can sit in the van until I'm ready...

I'm riding my bike tomorrow!
Tags: bike, work
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