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Bicycle... bicycle.... bicycle

I feel great. The usually route that I used to take to the office has changed a bit. Well actually they put this big building the middle of my route. I used to take Lincoln to Emporia to Pine. The Arena that has approved for construction in Wichita is smack dab in the middle. I liked Emporia because it was a one-way street that had very little traffic at 7 in the morning. So this morning at trip that would have taken me 15-20 min, took me 25. I was not familiar with the roads form a bicycle view. I am already looking forward to tomorrows ride.

On the way home today I tried the bike path that follows IH-135. It was winding and hilly and bad the trip seem like twice as long. Now for a nice afternoon/weekend ride it would be perfect. But for a transport it not very direct.
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