kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Tomorrow is the big day. I fly out to see Mom & Dad. It will be a quick trip. I hope that there are not too many delays at the major airports. I called yesterday for seat assignments and to see about changing the first leg of my return flight. It leaves DTW at 3:15p, there are 4 other flights the leave earler form Detroit to Memphis. One at 6:40a, one at 9:15a, one at 11:54a and one at 12:30p. When I asked about changing the first leg, the womin on the line said that it would be an extra $250 to book it. Then she said that the 11:54 flight has aviliblities and that I should try and go stand by. So, If I can get to the Airport early enough on Saturday, I'll try to make that flight. I have never been to Memphis and since I am already going to be there for 3 hours, visiting [info]ink_ling why not make it 6.
Tags: ljers, travel
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