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Sour Grapes

Last night while we were shopping, I saw a young girl (about 15 yo) break of a small stem of grapes from the produce section. I could see her walk with her mother and eat the grapes as they shopped. I was appalled and disgusted, because my mother would have told me that is stealing and because they were not washed. This got me thinking, am I just a prude? Maybe the store makes enough money that it is no big deal. So, I have created my first poll. What do you think?

I need to clarify that in this situation they were not going to buy a bunch of grapes.

This poll is implying that you are not buying grapes.
Poll #1219184 Sour Grapes

Is it OK to grap a handful of grapes from the produce section and eat them while you are shopping?

Yes, I do it all the time.
Yes, but I would never do that.
No, my mother taught me better.
No, it is stealing/shoplifting.
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