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Saturday, I had my first day as the volunteer Blacksmith apprentice in the Blacksmith shop at the Old Cowtown Living Museum here in Wichita. the Cowtown museum is a representation of Wichita in the period between 1860 and 1885. It was very very interesting. I spent most of the day learning about the basics of shaping metal. I only volunteer on the weekends because I have a day job. There are 3 paid Blacksmiths that work at Cowtown, 2 for the weekdays and then one on the weekend. The weekend blacksmith is a friend of mine that is affectionately known around Wichita as Ogar. Ogar is a great teacher. He has been blacksmithing for around 13 years. He showed different types if bends and fancy end. Ogar left about 15:00. He asked Mike to take over the shop and show me a few things. Mike has been a blacksmith for 20+ years and is the blacksmith when they need a fill in at Cowtown. Mike showed me several different decorative twists that could be used on stems and handles. By the end of the day I had completed a long handled spoon that looks somewhat like a small ice cream scoop. I was at the shop for 9:30 to about 17:30. It was one long day. There was a heat advisory and everyone seemed to be complying about the heat but I guess I did not quite notice how it was affecting me. I got back to the house, after spend the whole day in the blacksmith shop, took and shower and laid down for a nap at about 19:00. The next thing I new it was 9:00 Sunday morning. Wow!, I don't think i every remember sleeping for 14 hours. I guess the heat took more out of me than I expected. I am looking forward to next weekend. Now that I know what to expect. Poject for next weekend is to make a fork to match the spoon.
Tags: blacksmith, craft
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