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I got this in an email this morning. It made me laugh....

A comedy sketch that never got made featuring George W. Bush,
but with a little rewrite it could work for Sarah Palin. She sits at a
student's desk in a classroom and the teacher writes the word "ear" on
the board. "Ear," Palin proudly reads. The teacher then adds the
letters "cl" to the beginning of the word. "Clear," Palin shouts with
glee because, after all, she is one smart cookie. The teacher then
writes the letters "nu" to the beginning of the word. "New-cue-lar,"
Palin says, confident in her answer. The teacher rubs his temples,
which ache from the pain of failure. They go over it again. And again.
Palin insists she is right and the teacher is wrong. Baffled, the
teacher tries other words, all of which get butchered by Palin.
Reindeer becomes "rain-dew-lar," premiere becomes "pre-mew-lar," and
so on. The Monty Python style ending was that the teacher loses his
mind and runs crashing through the classroom window. Palin turns to
the camera and says, "oh well, most teachers are registered democrats
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