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Saturday night

After Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, my Dad and I went shopping. I was looking to buy a small Sony Cyber-shot. We did not even leave the house until 4-5 in the afternoon. After hitting about 3 stores. We went back to Staples Office Supply where the price was the cheapest. They had one left, what luck.

Upon leaving the store we went to my Fathers favorite drinking hole. It is called the Brighton House Restaurant and Tavern. It is owned and run buy a gentleman who immigrated from Ireland. My Father has become a "regular" there. The good looking womin behind the bar knows him by name and ask about my Mother. There are a few other "regulars" there. Boy did I feel young.

When we got home is time for a turkey sandwich (previous post). There was just enough L-tripaphan in that sandwich to put me to sleep in front of the TV. Amazing how that works.

Got up about 10:30 and got on to Bear411 to see who what up and around. I ran across oskaar who happens to live about 30 miles south of my parents house, in Ann Arbor. Wow! his Japanese is fantastic. We talked and talked and talked. It was too bad that my trip was such a short one, I would have like to meet him and his 2 partners.
Maybe next time.
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