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Somebody Pinch me.....

I finally made it back to Wichita. The trip was short but it was nice to see my Mother, who I have not seen in almost 3 years. I saw my Father last year when we traveled to Ireland together. All 4 of the flights (ICT->MEM, MEM->DTW, DTW->MEM, MEM->ICT)were quite uneventful. When I was leaving Detroit I got on an earlier stand-by.

I arrived in Memphis at about 1:00 I gave ink_ling a call and he came to the airport to pick me up. We have talked on-line for, what seems like, quite a long time. And now I finally get to meet him. Jason is everything I had come to know about him. He is kind, intelligent, handsome and he is FUN! we went for lunch at a eclectic deli type place. The area of Memphis that he lives in is very Bohemian. Little art shops, restaurants and 2nd hand stores. We talked for hours. I was very melancholy as we drove to the airport so that I could catch my 7:20 flight back to Wichita. The Fight was overbooked for one passenger. I Volunteered to give up my seat if they need it. As a volunteer, I would get the next flight back to Wichita (9:20 the next morning) and I would get one free round-trip ticket anywhere NWA fly in the contiguous US states. Plus I would get to spend the night in Memphis. I would have love to see the Pumping Station was like.

Well, maybe next time.
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