kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Open Studio

The Drive up to KC was a quick one. gryphons_hole called me on the road and said that he needed a few things..... So, I stopped on the way to pick up ice and flower. The Studio was in great shape and gryphons_hole was pretty much ready to go when I got there. There were tons of people wandering through the studio, with a few sales.
The New doors on the studio makes it great for open Studio because both doors open wide.

Then of course the artist, himself, was in a festive mood. Here his is in a wonderful gray pinstripped suit with a frilly pink corsette/girdle.

What is an Easter weekend without Peeps. But because we are in MO. you have to keep it descent. All your chicks have to have pasties.

Tomorrow is DAV shopping. I love to hit the DAVs in MO because Sunday is 25¢ day. I can pick up some really nice shirt for a quarter.
Tags: gryphon, travel
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