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Am I Gay? or am I just shallow?

I love bears/cubs/otters/so-on/so-on. My number one fetish is facial hair. I guess this is how I always assumed that I was Gay. I like men who look like what I think a man should be. Lets face it the "bear" community is about sex. The is one of the main reason bear runs exists, the reason Bear411 exists, even the magazine A Bear's Life has lots of ads with sexual under/over tones. Of course it is the physical attraction that leads to seeing the real man behind the beard, be it good or bad. In most cases it is good. There are a lot of wonderful men out there that I would have never known if I did not find them attractive.
Last night ran across a gorgeous bear-cub on Bear411 and in his profile I saw word "transman". Now, I have watched the Health Channel and a few Discovery shows on Sexual reassignment. The idea of a woofy man that used to be a women did not bother or repulse me at all. Actually, the one or two that I have seen on shows were really hot. This cub, that I chatted with last night, has a wonderful beard and reseeding hair-line and a wonderfully hairy chest. So, I asked him about surgery and he said "about 99% of transmen do not have genital reassignment surgery, most keep their original plumbing" I know that I am being extremely callous, but this was not the "bearded lady". Just the thought of have sex with a woman is disdainful to me. I know lots of women who I consider friends, but I really have no desire to see them even partial unclothed. I guess I must be incredible shallow because I thought of how I would like to get nekkid with this handsome cub. And the thought of haveing sex with this transman was something that still makes my mind wonder.
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