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It's here! Well almost...

I just got a call from the Smart dealership in Tulsa. My car has arrived! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Unfortunately, my rep at the Credit Union is out of the office until Friday. I told the dealership that I would probably be able to go down there next Tuesday. I will have to take half a vacation day and get a rental car. The other options to get from Wichita to Tulsa were not any cheaper and would be more involved in time and/or human resources (aka, friends driving me down there then having to drive back to Wichita). The dealership said that they could send a car to pick me up at the rental place where I drop the car off. At $35 for a rental car that is the best way to go.....
I will be a SmartCar owner by the end of April. What a gift for Bealtaine
Tags: smartcar, travel
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