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Vehicles... UGH!

It has been an awful few days for vehicles. Not mine but those around me. Rickey flew in yesterday to pick up the Caravan and drive it back to Georgia. After he actually got on the road. he got 45 miles (mile maker 1 at the KS/OK border) and the van died. I called a tow company from the office and had them go and pick him up and take him to Wellington. It was about 16:00, so by the time that they actually got to the repair place it was almost closing. The mechanic said that he could not look at it til morning, but Rick thought that it was the fuel pump (major $$$). Rick got a hotel room and spent the night in Wellington.
This afternoon, I got a frantic call from Rex that he was having problems with his ignition. He got the car started but he could not shut it off. The key would turn and come out but the ignition would not disengage. I told him I would him that I would meet him at Hughes Automotive repair (Good guys If you are in Wichita and you need general work go there). When I got to Hughes, Rex was in the waiting room and the car was in the bay. While I was waiting, I thought I would give Rick a call and see how the van was.
Rick said that he just got on the road and had only be driving 15 min. He said that the problem was the fuel filter was so clogged that no air would go through it. Not bad, a lot cheaper than a fuel pump.
Back to Rex's car: It seems that he burned the ignition link and it needs replacement. The easiest thing to do, is go to a salvage yard and get a steering column. The closed yard actually had one and it was only $80. We hauled down there to get the salvage column. While we were waiting, rick calls: The van went for about 30 miles before it died again. He let it cool down and then it went another 2 miles and died. Rick has decided that he will let the van completely cool down and then drive back to Wellington.
In the mean time, we got the steering column and headed back to Hughes and dropped it off.

2 hours later. I get a call from Rick, he is back in Wellington. It has taken him 2 hours to go 50 miles. The van would got for about 17 miles and quit. Let it cool for about 15 min and then it would go another 18 miles.... If the van get fixed by the time the Wellington repair shop closes (they said it would be) Rick is coming back to Wichita and will have dinner with Rex, JT and I. We had plans to go and see www.outragethemovie.com.
Just got a text message from Rex, the car is finished and has a working steering column. Yeah, for one thing.
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