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What the F***!

Believe it or not there is a gay pride festival in Wichita, Kansas but you would not know to look at it. It is not called Gay Pride, it is called "Wichita Pride" (we wouldn't want anybody to think we are *whisper* gay).

While looking at their website I noticed that out the 10 page that made up the Wichita Pride site, the word "Gay" and "Lesbian" only appeared 3 times and one was in the description of one of the "community links"

Then I saw this:
"Now we have a president who isn't afraid to include the TBLGQ community in his acceptance speech."



I can only guess that "TBLGQ" stands for Trans/Bi/Lesbian/Gay/Queer. I know that I am being a bit petty but, Come on! What is wrong with GLBT? Oh, I guess someone might know that GLBT is "Gay" we would not want to be associated with that.
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