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I some how got to a link and saw this cute bearcub touting something about a New World Order and how it was going to combine Canada, the US and Mexico. How it was a bad thing and he need to fight for the sovereignty of the nations and the people. I was totally digging it and I thought to myself, yeah!, damn right!

I went to his YouTube profile the weavingspider and watched his video interview that explains where he is coming from.

it wasn't until the last 40 seconds of the 3rd part of the interview that his actual agenda came out.

Here is the comment that I wanted to leave for Dan Dicks;

Wow, you so had me going. I was totally interested in what you were saying until I realized that you were actually wanting your own "new world order". you want everyone in the world to be a Christian. You don't want people to think for themselves, you want them to have God/Jesus do the thinking for them. you are not against a NWO, you are against a NWO that is not what you want. You are just like the "religious right", the "moral majority", the "family values" people in the US. You want people to wake up and become sheep and follow the lamb.

But of course commenting has been turned off. The Only comments that are on his interview video are positive ones...
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