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Bears in the Heat

If anyone will be in the Wichita area this weekend, the Wichita Bears will be having their annual event Bears In The Heat

Here is a short message from the club on the Saturday Preformance of Elijah Black.

Hey I really would like to tell you about Elijah Black's concert Saturday night. We are sponsoring him to perform as part of our group's Bears In the Heat event this weekend. Elijah is from Akron, Ohio and this will be his 3rd appearance in Wichita. He loves performing here and we love having him here. He has a band, but also sings solo and has two albums out. Elijah was recently picked as the "Bear" Entertainer of the Year and has won several contests on LOGO channel and MTV with his music and his videos. His website is www.elijahblack.com and he has music, pictures and information about him.

His concert will be Saturday at Our Fantasy located at the southern portion of the intersection at 31st Street South and Hillside. And, I think the ticket is very reasonable—Only $10 ! I hope that you will consider coming to the concert Saturday night, I am sure you will enjoy the show!

We do have a limited number of Dinner/Concert tickets available also. Dinner is sirloin steak, baked potatoes, salad, dessert, and other goodies. Tickets for both dinner and show is only $25! However, we have a guarantee that we must set with the caterer by Wednesday night…. So e-mail, text, or call before NOON tomorrow (Wednesday)!

Hope to see you Saturday!

For more information about Bears In the Heat, check out Wichita Bears website: www.wichitabears.org
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