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Pursuant to Kansas Law a new License plate is now (as of July 1, 2009) available for pre-order. It is the "In God We Trust" plate. The response has been quite interesting. I did not think that they would come flooding through the doors, since the actual plate will not be tangible until early September, but we have been averaging about 20 pre-orders a day. And at a cost of $45 that is pretty good.

Now I was talking with one of the ultra-Christians here at the office, and I told her my feelings. I said that I don't like the plate and I think that if people did not wear their religion on their sleeve and only kept it in their hearts, this world would be a much better place. She disagreed and said that we need to proclaim and witness God as much as possible. I just shook my head and turned and went back to my desk.

That being said I came up with a alternative plate for all those alternative people out there. Now even if it were available I probably would not get one. Because I know what those good, up standing Christians are like. It would like putting a target on my car. One example, I had a gentleman bring his standard KS issued plate in to exchange it for a different lettering. The letter he had was like PDX-666 and he said that his car has been vandalized and that he gets notes left on his car all the time about how he is going to hell. he said that the 666 plate did not mean anything to him but a different set of numbers might make his life a little easier.

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