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I need to measure your inseam

My weekends at the Old Cowtown Museum have changed a bit. I was volunteering in the Blacksmith Shop on both Saturday and Sunday on the weekends. but a few months ago we got a new volunteer in the Blacksmith shop making it a bit cramped in there. So, on Sundays I have given up my leather apron and hammer for a Singer and some strait pins, as I become Mr. Max Fechheimer of Fechheimer's Tailor Shop. I had never worked on a treadle machine. Once I had figured out how the bobbin was wound and how it actually fits in the shuttle, it was not that bad. After a few minutes of practice, was off and running.

Sheri the volunteer coordinator was so excited when I told her that I could sew and that I was wanting to work in Fechheimer's tailor shop. My first task as the tailor is to repair a few items that the museum has put aside because of ripped seams and torn holes. The tag on the basked was 2004. WTF? They have been putting stuff aside for 5 years waiting to repair them. It is not too bad, there are about 6 vests, 5 pairs of pants and a shirt or two. Soon, I will have all that finished and I will have 4 hours a week that I can dedicate to sewing. I have found in very difficult in the past couple of months/years to make time to sew. I have some vice patterns for Victorian overalls, pants and vests, now I will finally get time to work on them.
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