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The State of Kansas, in its infinite wisdom, has changed the policy and laws for personalized plates. The current system allows for the possibility of the same lettering on both a car and a truck and in every county in Kansas (105 of them) which makes the possibility of 210 plates with the same lettering. The state of Kansas is in the process of replacing the 25 year old computer system. The "new" and improved system lacks the ability (actually the state does not want to pay the extra for the ability) to process and keep track of the possibility of 210 plates with the same lettering. This is causing a problem with people, who under the old system, have had their personalized plate for some time. The State has done research to determine who had lettering first. If you are among the "unfortunate" ones, you have to come up with different lettering if you wish to keep a personalized plate. This can lead to some interesting letter combination. This was brought to my attention today. There is a young lady who came in today to re-order her personalized plate "JENNFER" but since it is a relatively common name someone in another county had it first and therefore she had to come up with a unique spelling of Jennifer. This is what she came up with......

I guess you could pronounce that Jennifer... I did when I saw it.

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