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It was a great weekend. Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year on the same day. We had Chinese New year at the lodge on Saturday night. There was SOOOOO much food. One of the families in our little Pagan community has a daughter who was adopted from a Chinese orphanage. She has been here in Kansas for just under 3 years. Although she is doing well, she is feeling a bit homesick for China and thus we planned a big celebration. One of the members of the lodge has some great connections and was able to borrow a Dragon/lion dance costume. I am not sure what it is was but we used it anyway. I was the "head" of the Dragon and Clinton was the "tail". I think we did a pretty good job of being a dragon even though we had only watched one video on YouTube and only had one practice. I the only part that is not on the video is the final dragon-falls-on-the-floor-and-has-a-heart-attack move.

Sunday brought a nice relaxing day not much running around with lots of rest for the sore muscles that the Dragon brought out.

Monday was even more mundane considering it was a holiday. Met Shayne for lunch at TacoShop, did some grocery shopping and installed the new shower curtain rod. I was planning on doing an oil change on the Smartie but finished with the curtain rod later than I thought. I need to do an change soon, I am already 1500 miles past the 10,000 mark. Monday was also "feed the Bears" a monthly event when the Hirsute Pursuit gets together and has dinner. This month it was at Let's Be Frank. Let's Be Frank is a quaint little hole-in-the-wall hot dog restaurant. There are about 40 differently topped dogs, from Caviar to Smoors and just about anything else in between. After dinner is was my Monday Irish Gaelige class. We went over greetings, numbers, telling time and languages.
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