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World AIDS day thoughts.

*Scott pulls out his soap box and jumps up*

I am incredibly sad for the loss of so many friends that have enriched my life by just knowing them. The loss to the world is unfathomable. I am so pissed at the drug companies that play to be so compassionate that they are willing to give so "much" money to AIDS research. What a fucking joke! Their has not been a "cure" for ANYTHING since Polio. You me to tell me that the pharmaceutical companies that make millions of billions of dollars every year from AIDS maintenace drugs are going to look for a cure that would, essentially, cut off their income. AIDS has and will kill more people than any terrorist organization ever could, but will our "leader" force a cure? What and cut off their kick-backs? There will NEVER be a cure for AIDS as long as there is a way to keep that cash cow dependent.

*jumps down from the box and wipes the tears from his eyes*

sorry for the downer.
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