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Pray! It's the law!

Well they published another one of my Letters to the Editor today. I used to do this a lot when I was an angry young man. Well, I not young any more, but I still have my moments of being angry.
It seems that the editor saw fit to change a few words. Which in turn did not make me sound as angry at the intent.

I'm confused about this National Day of Prayer. Since it was enacted in 1952, I am sure that it has not stopped any wars. The Day of Prayer has not stopped terrorism. It has not stopped oil spills or homelessness or babies being born with AIDS. It has not stopped murder, rape, theft or abuse. It has not stopped big business from beating up on the little guy, and it has not stopped politicians from lying and cheating.

It seems that the only purpose of a National Day of Prayer is to make the Christians feel superior and the non-Christians feel persecuted.

Prayer has been around longer than Christianity. The pagans were praying to the gods before the beginning of written history. And the pagans are still praying to them today.

Prayer is our own personal conversation with our concept of God/Spirit/Deity/Creator. Keeping it personal gives it power; legislating it makes it resented.

If you want to pray, then pray. I don't understand why some feel the need to make me know that they are praying.

Here the link to the page it's self
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