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Tabhair dom cárta maith, le do thoil!

The King of swords. Well it seems to be a air kind of week. The King, one of the extremes of the suit of swords. Analytical, Just, Authority. Today has been about computers, knowledge and knowing the talk. The day started with a webinar regarding The State and it's process of replacing the current computer program, that is over 20 years old, with a new, improved, updated and COMPLETELY different system. This all requires new hardware, scheduling, preriferals, and lots and lots of PATIENTS!!!!! They know the exact time and day that they will turn off the old system and 2 days later the new system will be in production (if it happens that smoothly, I will be completely surprised). After the meeting I had another meeting with the IT guy about the ghosting of our new PCs. I had to know what we use now and what we will need for the new ones. So far today, I have felt like the king of swords, well, maybe with just a little bit of a queen thrown in.... LOL

On the title; I trying seriously (mostly) to learn Irish. I have studied; German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and a few others here and there, and Irish is, by far, the most complicated and difficult for me so far. So many silent letters and spelling changes and funky sentence structure..... I need an immersion month, or better yet, a year!
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