kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Finally finished some stuff!

+ Some blatant commercialism.

Had a have a nice busy weekend and here it is time for another weekend. Last weekend I spent most of the time working on silk tie floggers and getting them on my newly created BearHide Creations Etsy.com account. I already have 2 athamé on there from blacksmithing. that I had made about a month ago. That was before forge was closed on Sundays for the winter. Guess I need to see about gelling the one in the backyard going...

But back to the Floggers. I had made 2 tie floggers a while ago, to the complete excitement of gryphons_hole, and they were quite well received. I chose to make a few more and I think that they turned out quite nice. I think the color schemes look great, although I am sure that gryphons_hole will cringe at the palate. His eye is some much more tuned than mine.

Speaking gryphons_hole, I have the week to visit with him. I will be heading up just after work on Friday. Shopping and Party, party, party on Saturday and DAV shopping on Sunday. I am very excited. It seems like forever since I last saw him, but it was only on the way back form HiBearnation in November.....

Tags: bearhide, craft, etsy, flickr, gryphon, travel
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