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Discrimination in the Heartland…. a.k.a. Freedom of Religion, ha!

I honor of May 2nd, Pagan “Coming Out” day….. Hello, my name is Scott and I am a Pagan! actually, a Druid/Witch/Cunning man with Heathen tendencies.

I am sure that most every one who knows me knows that I am NOT Christian. I was raised in a very liberal household which was quite upper middle class and very conservative in appearance. My Mother took us to the local Methodist church while we were growing up, Dad did not attend as I think it cut into his Sunday pilgrimage to the Dunkin’ Donuts. All through High School religion was not much of an issue. I was more of an Agnostic then anything. I Attended a Southern Baptist Church for a very short while. It was not until university that I really started looking for something to understand and believe in. Seeing as how I was a Japanese Language major, Buddhism looked very amiable to me. I joined a Japanese Pure Land Temple and enjoyed life as a Buddhist for many years. I was only in the past 10 years or so that I Buddhism was not quite it…. I looked into Shinto, which is a wonderful nature based religion, but was somehow still foreign to me. Shinto is the Japanese version of Celtic Druid. Once I made this leap, I was hooked. Here is was a religion, a belief and a culture that my people actually were part of. The Celts, part of my family (like a lot in the US) is of Irish descent. I gained a huge connection when I was in Ireland in 2006. Now, I study and practice the religion of my ancestors, the one before St Patrick got in there and mucked it up.

A Few years ago (2009) a new license plate was release in many states, I had a short post about it at the time ( http://kumazuki.livejournal.com/77624.html) and how I had made up my own Pagan version of that tag as a name badge. I have been wearing that badge since them (well up until a few weeks ago). An employee wrote an anonymous letter to the County Treasurer (our boss) to complain about this that and the other thing. One of the issues was that it seems that one of the other employees was “offended” by my badge. I told that I was not allowed to wear it anymore. I guess it OK to tape bible scriptures to your computer and you station, and wear a badge that professes your belief in the one true Christianity, but not if you are a “dirty Pagan”…..

So, “Hello, my name is Scott and I am a Pagan”.
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