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Projects, done & in process

Last night after dinner, I got all productive and worked on the title patches for the Indiana Master/slave contest. These have a great matte metallic leather for the outer ring. I think it gives a nice pop that a light grey wouldn't have. These are done ahead of schedule. They don't need them until the first week of April. I will let them know that they are done and they will be in the post next week.

I finished the patches about 22:30 and still had a bit of time before I needed go to bed. So, I started another helmet liner hat. The first one that I started last week was in a variegated brown wool that has a lot of the "bear" colors. Since I will be vending at HiBearnation in St. Louis, I was thinking that I should make up a few hats to put on the table. The one that I started last night is a brown chenille/cotton mix. The chenille is a lot "fluffier" than the wool, but I am waiting to see how the stretchiness is between the two. Depending on how the hats work out, I am thinking of doing that cutesy thing and put little ears on them.
Tags: bearhide, craft, leather, patches, vending
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