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What a weekend

This was busy weekend. About a month ago at HiBearnation I had taken a few order for the fire-hose slings that I make. With the snow it was a little have to find some fire-hose and when I did find some, I had to wait until they were dry before I could get them cut and riveted together.
The hoses were dry and ready to cut on Wednesday. When I found them I bought several. I sent all day Saturday cutting and punching holes in the hoses. Spent all day Sunday putting them together. Got them finished and packaged them up about 1:00 in the morning. Today I took them to the UPS stattion.

There are few here on LJ who has gotten one of my fire-hose

Slings if you are interest how comfortable they are give a shout out to either gryphons_hole or to wooferstl
This is the Sling hanging in the basement

An other shot of the sling.

Here is yours truly.

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