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Old friend and new times

Ever since subwoofr met bikerbearmark and moved away from Austin I have longed to see him again. and the more that I would take with him in email the more that wanted to meet the woofy biker that whisked our John away from our little Austin, TX bear family the bear stomping grounds of Seattle.

I had planned to use up some vacation time before the end of the year by taking a trip up to Omaha to see my friend Noel who is the best when it comes to finding a bargain. Many, many, many months back I had asked Noel to find me a wok cradle for my gas stove. He found one only a few weeks after I asked. My procrastination has put off the trip for almost 2 years. I told gryphons_hole that I was going and he expressed an interested in going. just to get out of KC for a little while. Well, gryphons_hole know that subwoofr and bikerbearmark had moved to Omaha from Seattle about a year ago. I have not talked with subwoofr in quite a while and I only joined LJ after they had moved.....
Our first night in Omaha we got to Noels and changed clothes and headed to HIRO Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar to meet up with subwoofr and bikerbearmark. There were going to be he five of us for dinner. Me, Noel, subwoofr, bikerbearmark and gryphons_hole. 3 of us arrived early and were seated. I order a tadional bottel of warm saké. At which point the Jazz duo started their set. "I'm sorry I have to get them to move us". they did with no problem to the other side of the restaurant. We got moved to the new table, the warm saké showed up at the table just as subwoofr and bikerbearmark showed up. WHAT A SIGHT! John looked great and Mark was much more handsome than his pictures could ever show. We started with appetizers of edamame, agedofu, ikayaki and gyoza. This was not dinner, per se, it was a nosh. We got a sashimi tray, a sushi platter ended with some chirashi-zushi and yaki-soba. All the while sipping on two bottles of cold top-shelf saké. The was filling and delicious but it was the company that maid the evening. Although, it was way too short the evening was great. To see John again after 9 years and to finally meet the adorable Mark. I take comfort in the fact that John and Mark just up the road in Omaha. We will be visiting Omaha again.
Tags: food, gryphon, ljers, travel
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