kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Back again

It has been a busy couple of days. I thought that we were going to have a few relaxing days before heading off to OKC on Friday. This last Friday was fetish night at the OtherSide. I must say that I was thrilled about the fetish of the month, and from what I could see no one else was either. It was diaper play. On Fetish nights we set up the small shop to sell leather and pride stuff. Especially this weekend because next weekend is Pride (if you want to call it that) here in Wichita. Since we have already made plans to set up in OKC, we are not going to do Wichita. Last year JT stayed in town and set up for Wichita pride. But this year when he saw the fiasco that is Wichita Pride, he said, I'm going to OKC with you guys.

This is the last pride of the season. From here on out it is just bear and leather events. Wohoo!
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