Pray! It's the law!

Well they published another one of my Letters to the Editor today. I used to do this a lot when I was an angry young man. Well, I not young any more, but I still have my moments of being angry.
It seems that the editor saw fit to change a few words. Which in turn did not make me sound as angry at the intent.

I'm confused about this National Day of Prayer. Since it was enacted in 1952, I am sure that it has not stopped any wars. The Day of Prayer has not stopped terrorism. It has not stopped oil spills or homelessness or babies being born with AIDS. It has not stopped murder, rape, theft or abuse. It has not stopped big business from beating up on the little guy, and it has not stopped politicians from lying and cheating.

It seems that the only purpose of a National Day of Prayer is to make the Christians feel superior and the non-Christians feel persecuted.

Prayer has been around longer than Christianity. The pagans were praying to the gods before the beginning of written history. And the pagans are still praying to them today.

Prayer is our own personal conversation with our concept of God/Spirit/Deity/Creator. Keeping it personal gives it power; legislating it makes it resented.

If you want to pray, then pray. I don't understand why some feel the need to make me know that they are praying.

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It's here!
I ordered a fantastic book and it arrived today.

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to be a vendor at Civil War days at Old Cowtown Museum in April. One of the items that I may be selling would be prairie rags (large bandanas), but I would have to find fabric that would be period for the mid to late Victorian age. Another item that I have been told would be a good seller are cravats. We'll see about that!

Gung Hei Fat Choi

It was a great weekend. Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year on the same day. We had Chinese New year at the lodge on Saturday night. There was SOOOOO much food. One of the families in our little Pagan community has a daughter who was adopted from a Chinese orphanage. She has been here in Kansas for just under 3 years. Although she is doing well, she is feeling a bit homesick for China and thus we planned a big celebration. One of the members of the lodge has some great connections and was able to borrow a Dragon/lion dance costume. I am not sure what it is was but we used it anyway. I was the "head" of the Dragon and Clinton was the "tail". I think we did a pretty good job of being a dragon even though we had only watched one video on YouTube and only had one practice. I the only part that is not on the video is the final dragon-falls-on-the-floor-and-has-a-heart-attack move.

Sunday brought a nice relaxing day not much running around with lots of rest for the sore muscles that the Dragon brought out.

Monday was even more mundane considering it was a holiday. Met Shayne for lunch at TacoShop, did some grocery shopping and installed the new shower curtain rod. I was planning on doing an oil change on the Smartie but finished with the curtain rod later than I thought. I need to do an change soon, I am already 1500 miles past the 10,000 mark. Monday was also "feed the Bears" a monthly event when the Hirsute Pursuit gets together and has dinner. This month it was at Let's Be Frank. Let's Be Frank is a quaint little hole-in-the-wall hot dog restaurant. There are about 40 differently topped dogs, from Caviar to Smoors and just about anything else in between. After dinner is was my Monday Irish Gaelige class. We went over greetings, numbers, telling time and languages.


The State of Kansas, in its infinite wisdom, has changed the policy and laws for personalized plates. The current system allows for the possibility of the same lettering on both a car and a truck and in every county in Kansas (105 of them) which makes the possibility of 210 plates with the same lettering. The state of Kansas is in the process of replacing the 25 year old computer system. The "new" and improved system lacks the ability (actually the state does not want to pay the extra for the ability) to process and keep track of the possibility of 210 plates with the same lettering. This is causing a problem with people, who under the old system, have had their personalized plate for some time. The State has done research to determine who had lettering first. If you are among the "unfortunate" ones, you have to come up with different lettering if you wish to keep a personalized plate. This can lead to some interesting letter combination. This was brought to my attention today. There is a young lady who came in today to re-order her personalized plate "JENNFER" but since it is a relatively common name someone in another county had it first and therefore she had to come up with a unique spelling of Jennifer. This is what she came up with......

I guess you could pronounce that Jennifer... I did when I saw it.

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